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Thank you to the Bariatric Society of the Carolinas for a great event!

We enjoyed meeting you at the joint annual educational meeting of the Bariatric Society of the Carolinas and the South Carolina and North Carolina Chapters of the American College of Surgeons at the beautiful Omni Grove Park Inn in Asheville, NC.

Thank you for your interest in learning about the Standard Sleeve®, an anatomy-based approach to sleeve gastrectomy utilizing the Titan SGS®️ 23cm single-fire stapler. A sterile, single-patient-use instrument, Titan SGS is used for longitudinal transection and resection of the gastric tissue to help you achieve more consistent and symmetrical sleeve pouch anatomy.1

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Pictured: Brandon Ridge, Samantha Clark and Grace Etherington of Teleflex

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The Science Behind Titan SGS®

We developed the Titan SGS® through rigorous research to aid bariatric surgeons in achieving optimal gastric sleeve anatomy and improve patient outcomes. The result is a surgical stapler with the technology to complete a sleeve gastrectomy resection in one stapler firing1, with one continuous 23cm staple line1,2, resulting in a textbook curve gastric sleeve.

Read about the science behind Titan SGS written by Jonathon Thompson, MD, FACS, FASMBS, Founder and Chief Medical Officer, Standard Bariatrics; Marissa Novack, MD; and Aaron Hoffman, MD, FACS, in the May issue of Bariatric Times here.

If you would like to join the growing community of bariatric surgeons using Titan SGS, click here.

1. Salyer, C. E., Thompson, J., Hoffman, A., Burstein, M. D., Enochs, P., Watkins, B. M., Kuethe, J., & Goodman, M. D. (2022). Multisite Study of Titan SGS Stapler in longitudinal gastric resection. Surgical Endoscopy.
2. Salyer, C., Goodman, M., Kuethe, J., Watkins, B., Enochs, P., Hoffman, A., & Thompson, J. (2021). Multisite Study of Titan SGS Stapler in Longitudinal Gastric Resection.


The Biodesign Story of Titan SGS®

From a full-length gastric clamp to the Titan SGS, a full-length gastric stapler, our medical device innovations are focused on making bariatric surgery significantly safer and more repeatable.

We launched in 2014 to work on meeting the unmet clinical needs surrounding sleeve gastrectomy pouch creation with the end goal to lower the intervention threshold for the surgical treatment of obesity.

Read the full history written by Jonathon Thompson, MD, FACS, FASMBS, Founder and Chief Medical Officer, Standard Bariatrics, in this month’s issue of Bariatric Times.

Download the PDF here.


UC Health doctor’s startup lands big investment

Standard Bariatrics, a Blue Ash startup founded by Dr. Jon Thompson of UC Health, has secured a $500,000 investment from the Dayton Development Coalition.

Thompson invented a medical stapler that could change how weight-loss surgery is performed, and the investment from the coalition’s Accelerant Fund I seed-stage venture fund will bring the total raised by Standard Bariatrics to more than $1.5 million by the end of this year.

To read the full story, click the link below: